Struct hir::ir::Scope [] [src]

pub struct Scope {
    pub variables: HashMap<NodeId, Variable>,
    pub variable_names: HashMap<String, NodeId>,
    pub basic_blocks: HashMap<NodeId, BasicBlock>,
    pub labels: HashMap<NodeId, Label>,
    pub label_names: HashMap<String, NodeId>,
    pub expressions: HashMap<NodeId, Expression>,
    pub entry_point: NodeId,
    // some fields omitted


All the variables available in the current scope.

A convenience table for looking up a node given its NodeId.

The NodeId of the first basic block in this scope.


impl Scope

Get a dynamically typed item by its NodeId.

Iterate over all IrNodes in this Scope.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Scope

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impl HeapSizeOf for Scope

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impl IrNode for Scope

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impl Send for Scope

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